My first Facebook app is out!

This weekend I could finally finish the Facebook app for

Reminder : What is ?
In order to learn new java APIs, instead of playing with bits of code, I decided around 2 years ago to write a full social webapp, during my free time, so the code I would write would be used by real people… Best way to learn things which are actually useful!
This turned out to be not only a great playfield, but a challenging project for which I have many roles… developer, tester, architect, sysadmin, designer, etc.
The result is, a free dating website that is meant to be stable and scalable, and that I want to keep free as I built it with open source software… So except a couple of beers for me and a bit of money for the servers, it doesn’t cost much…

So it’s a foolish idea to start a dating website nowadays because there are so many… (like it was fool to start google when you had so many search engines), but who cares? I have nothing to lose, no VC money, and taking care of a real life webapp for which I am taking all the decisions is both exciting and driving.
Therefore when anyone would think it makes no sense to write a facebook app, I did it, and I learned a couple of things along the way, especially that Wicket and Facebook don’t mix well (I’ll try to write a full report on it).

Here it is, if you know anyone who is single and want to try something new :
TakeOn.Me Facebook app

Do not hesitate to report all the bugs and glitches, but be patient, I’m working on that only during my free time so anything which is not critical will be done when I can!


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