Hidden in the docs

A neat iPhone trick

** I usually write posts about development, merely to keep a trace for myself, but I wanted to share this information because I’ve never met yet an iPhone owner who knew that trick so I guess this must be shared, don’t hesitate to tell to the other iPhone owners you’ll meet **

So you want to take a photo with your iPhone…

Let’s take the case where you put your iPhone in landscape orientation, i.e. like this:


How do you take the picture now? Well you already know it, you’ll touch the camera icon:


However there’s another way, which is way more handy, it’s by using the “+” button :


As you see, it will let you hold the iPhone like a traditional camera and it will be more stable to take your photo…


So that’s it, hope that it will help you! Do not hesitate to share this trick!!

More tricks to come… (that you might know or not)

Remove number of missed call on phone icon
Kill an application from memory
Preview the photo you just take
Go to top of mail, sms threads
Quick access to the music player

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