Javascript API testing

Testing your javascript library/API I wrote a small javascript API, HtmlAssert.js, because I needed to be able to test HTML content in javascript for a project I'm working on. I did it TDD style, with Grunt, Jasmine and PhantomJS. I used Jasmine to write my unit tests because this API validates HTML content, so I… Continue reading Javascript API testing

Java, Terracotta

Terracotta toolkit

The Terracotta Toolkit is an API that provides you many functionalities in a clustered manner. E.g., you can get a Clustered ReadWrite Lock, so you can do synchronization between different applications running on different machines/JVMs. In 3.7, you get the Toolkit like this: ClusteringToolkit toolkit = new TerracottaClient("localhost:9510").getToolkit(); In 4.0, you get the Toolkit like… Continue reading Terracotta toolkit