Single File Java Challenge

Here's a challenge for you, Java developers. You'd like to write some open source code, but you don't know where to start? You'd like to work on a small and fun coding project, that you can do in a couple of days? You want to take on an interesting challenge, trying to write some nice… Continue reading Single File Java Challenge

Java, Terracotta

Terracotta OSS dev starter

The Terracotta Server Array (TSA) provides the platform for Terracotta products and the backbone for Terracotta clusters. It allows, for instance, to use Ehcache in a clustered mode, and benefit of a distributed in-memory cache. It is available as open source, and you may want to contribute to it, or even just build it yourself… Continue reading Terracotta OSS dev starter

Java, Terracotta

Terracotta toolkit

The Terracotta Toolkit is an API that provides you many functionalities in a clustered manner. E.g., you can get a Clustered ReadWrite Lock, so you can do synchronization between different applications running on different machines/JVMs. In 3.7, you get the Toolkit like this: ClusteringToolkit toolkit = new TerracottaClient("localhost:9510").getToolkit(); In 4.0, you get the Toolkit like… Continue reading Terracotta toolkit