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Get your OS distribution details in Java

I wrote a little utility class to get the OS details in Java. As you may know, you can get the name, version and architecure of your OS in java by using System properties. But this information is limited. For instance, on Mac Os, you will get the version but can not know what is… Continue reading Get your OS distribution details in Java


backup files made easy (through rsync)

I just bought a little (RAID-1) SAN so I can backup (safely) the dozain of hard disks I had from the computers from the last 10 years or so. Using Mac's Finder is just impossible as I can't select all the files and copy them from the old disk to the new one. Indeed in… Continue reading backup files made easy (through rsync)


CentOs services cheat sheet

I always forget some of those so here they are: - start the service /sbin/service [name] start - stop the service /sbin/service [name] stop - restart the service /sbin/service [name] restart - display the service status /sbin/service [name] status - display the services list /sbin/chkconfig ––list - add the service to the startup list /sbin/chkconfig… Continue reading CentOs services cheat sheet